A Brief History of All Saints

    All Saints is the second largest town in Antigua and Barbuda, with a population of 3,412. It is located in the middle of Antigua, at 17°3′N 61°47′W. Just 5 miles NW of here is the capital, St. John's. Within the vicinity of the town is Betty's Hope, the first large-scale sugarcane plantation in Antigua. Betty's Hope was built in 1674 by Sir Christopher Codrington, the namesake of Codrington, and was named for his daughter, Elizabeth Codrington.

    The only remaining structures are two stone sugar mills and the remains of the stillhouse, though its important role in Antigua's history has inspired its government to turn it into an open-air museum.

    The area around All Saints is known for its traditional pottery. Potter's Village, a nearby settlement, is named after it.